Sexy Pirate
All Tied Up

She couldn’t keep her hands off of him. Everything about him turned her on. Especially the way he touched her. She got wet just thinking about his kisses, let alone him sucking on her nipples or fingering her cunt. She was glad he was coming over for dinner tonight. The way she was feeling, she wasn’t sure if they’d actually have a meal or not.

She jumped into his arms wrapping her long legs around his waist, practically knocking him down. He grabbed her ass cheeks under her skirt noticing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. He was always excited when she was this horny. She was so uninhibited. She did things she wouldn’t normally do.

He carried her up the stairs to her room while she was nibbling his ear and kissing his neck. He tossed her on the four poster bed, and finished peeling off her clothes, revealing her beautiful body. She had nice curves. Two round, full breasts, her nipples hard. He started to spread her thighs when she stopped him. She reached up and brought him down on the bed with her.

She positioned him so he was in the middle of the bed. She tugged at his shirt tail, and pulled it over his head. Then, she reached down and began to unzip his pants. She slipped his pants and boxers off, watching his cock spring out. It took everything inside her to resist slipping it in her mouth.

Quietly, she opened the drawer to her night stand and took out 4 silk scarves. She used each one to tie him to the large four poster bed. Once he was lightly secured, she crawled on the bed next to him. She ran her fingers lightly over the sides of his torso and up his arms, causing him to squirm.

She straddled his chest, facing his fully erect cock. She bent over, with her wet pussy just out of tongue’s reach. He could smell it, and saw how wet she was, but he just couldn’t quite lean forward enough for a taste. She lowered herself down on top of him, so that she could put her lips around the head of his cock. She brushed her lips around it, giving him a tease. She stuck her tongue out, and circled the head. Up and down the shaft when her tongue, then she took the whole thing in her mouth. She let it glide in and out of her mouth.

When she thought he’d had enough, she paused, and scooted back a few inches to allow him a taste of her wetness. If he craned his neck forward, and stuck out his tongue, he could get a brief taste. He wiggled out of his hand restraints, and spread her ass cheeks, and plunged his tongue in her cunt as far as he could. She let out a shriek, not anticipating his move.

He began swirling his tongue around her engorged clit, and then slid two fingers into her wetness. She rocked her hips to meet his tongue and fingers, her muscles squeezing his fingers tight. They both knew she was about to cum on his face, and with a grunt, her body rocked and jerked as he kept sliding his fingers in and out extending the release of pleasure.

Her body relaxed, and she collapsed on is torso. He sat up and sat her on his lap, legs spread. He could see all of her cum spilling out on his legs and he lifted her onto his cock. Slowly, she sank down as her cunt stretched to accommodate him. She bit back a gasp, her pussy being so sensitive after her orgasm.

She began rocking her hips slowly as he fell backwards to enjoy the view. She quickened her pace, and began bouncing on his hard shaft. He was moaning and was about to shoot his load when she suddenly stopped. He gasped, and with excruciating slow, exaggerated movements, pulled up so only the tip of his cock was at the edge of her lips. Then just as slowly, she lowered herself back onto his cock, it buried to the hilt. Again, she pulled up so the tip was the only thing feeling wetness, and very quickly, she sank so his cock filled her up. She began rocking on him again. He grunted and released the pent up load deep within her pussy.

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